Founder Emily Wade lived in Thailand as a teenager with her family who were establishing an orphanage for abandoned and neglected babies. In this period, she witnessed Prostitution and Human Trafficking first hand. To say this experience was life changing for Emily is an understatement. It became a part of her.

She returned back home to Sydney, and spent the last 8 years working in the Australian Fashion Industry. She has worked for the Design teams of Saba, and Zimmermann, as well as the Wardrobe teams of Elton John, 50 cent, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Eurovision 2019. 

Although she loves the Fashion Industry, she felt she had to make a change, and start fighting for these women, which lead to Sweet Society Apparel being born in 2016.

With a big heart for Asia, Emily traveled to Cambodia as she heard about the needs of the Garment Workers in Phnom Penh. The issue of Fast Fashion, and Exploited Garment workers was way bigger than she ever imagined. 

  • Most garment factory workers come from under-privileged families in the provinces of Cambodia.

  • Many of them have no education and have no access to quality education.

  • The girls can be as young as 13 years old and are vulnerable to being trafficked into working as ‘Entertainers’ at ‘Beer Gardens’ and ‘Karaoke bars’ at night.

  • The Cambodian Society is not very concerned about the well-being of these girls as the society has labelled them as ‘Low Class Citizens’.

  • Some Men don’t value them and take advantage of them.

  • Due to lack of Education, minimum or no access to quality education and social stereotyping, the girls themselves do not value their existence and their ability to find other employments. In other words, they are “stuck in one place”.

  • The garment workers work long hours (10-12 hours a day) for low salary. Their base salary is around $120 per month.



Because of this, Sweet Society is working towards creating an Ethical Garment Factory, which will be based in Phnom Penh. Our mission is to employ these vulnerable Women. We want to come alongside them to encourage, help them discover their innate beauty and worth, and help them dream again, while providing fair trade employment. We want to bridge the gap between designer, manufacturer and consumer and deliver an ethical service that improves transparency, quality and work conditions involved in fashion production.

We seek to find the sweet spot in the fashion industry - rather than bring used by it, use fashion to fight the greatest battle humankind has come up against to date - slavery.

Sweet Society Apparel is a movement that will empower generations to take a stand against injustice and make this world a sweeter place.